24 Hours To: Puerto Vallarta

Published on Stranded on Land.

Puerto Vallarta claims to be the World’s Friendliest City. Once you arrive, there are no questions as to why. Rainbow flags adorn downtown’s most prestigious places. The hospitality here goes above and beyond what I’ve ever imagined. There is a farmer’s market that will delight you with diversity. A beach and mountains that are so close to each other, you’ll find it hard to decide where to spend the day. In Puerto Vallarta, you’ll discover a theater, clubs, beach sports, mountain adventures, botany, Huichol art,  and daily mind-blowing pink + purple sunset to soothe and release any stresses collected along the way. Whether it’s fun crowds or quiet hidden nooks, there is a variety of both that’ll cater to whatever mood you are in. Paradise falls short of really describing what this beautiful beach town encompasses.

Above everything, we were blown away by the inclusiveness and diversity found in the people in town. There lies a large population of travelers turned-locals who have found themselves to adopt this town as their home. The community is strong. Even if you are only there for a few, you’ll get a sense for it. It’s inspiring. Although we actually spent nearly a month there (it was hard to leave) it was challenging to narrow down this experience for a 24-hour guide with the exclusion of the obvious “go get a coconut + a tan by the beach.” This is a given, just do it. Remember, when you go, no matter what you decide to do, it will be really really hard to get it wrong. You’ll have a good time, nothing less. But in case you want a place to start, here are a few suggestions on how to spend 24 hours in Puerto Vallarta.