A Wedding in Montana


It was the summer of 2019. I was in the middle of my Americorps term with the Montana Conservation Corps doing trail work in the mountains of Glacier National Park and the Kootenai National Forest. I had no intention of doing much creative work during the summer since my plate was more than full with 10-hour workdays as a trail crew member plus working on my retainer clients’ projects during my time off. But, a time came along when my good friend Melissa turned out to be near town, and I got to visit her and her welcoming family. Next thing I know, her cousin Bryson is getting married that coming weekend but has had three photographers cancel on them last minute. Melissa told his fiancee Jodie that I am a photographer and suggested I take the pictures. Should I hop in? To the rescue? You bet! Jodie didn’t even look at any of my photos (you know, for reference, what if she didn’t like my style?!), she trusted Melissa, and was simply grateful to have someone on board to document her special day.

The wedding was to be a small gathering of just family members filled with loving (and funny) details all around. Everyone participated in making the day happen in some way, whether it was cooking, taking care of decorations, playing music, or setting everything up. I don’t think there was a family member not involved in the preparations. Even the dogs played their own big role, posing for photos and being the guardians of the rings. The day was simply delightful with a bit of clear skies, light rain, and pretty clouds intermittently. The setting, so beautiful, at the shore of the Flathead Lake. It was precisely what you think of when you think of an intimate wedding. Jodie and Bryson kept the details minimal and hassle-free, focusing on what truly matters to them which is their love and life together.

Here are some of my favorite images from that day.