Hiking Up To A Pyramid in Tepoztlan Mexico

Published on Stranded on Land.

I was beyond stoked to finally visit Tepoztlan after having lived nearby for a few years but never making it out there for whatever reasons. After having read, heard, and dreamt about the magical place with the pyramid at the top of the mountain, I was eager to experience its magnificence.

Tepoz, as we say in Mexico, is not only surrounded by the undeniable natural beauty of the area, but also by mysticism and legends. It is located in the second most spiritual mountain range in the world with the number one being where Machu Picchu is located in Peru. From witch sightings to UFO stories, Tepoz is believed to be an “energetic center” that attracts the supernatural. Many come here to practice religious ceremonies and rituals. Others, for spiritual wellness retreats. The area holds a culture seeking goodness for the soul and body that materializes in yoga centers and alternative medicine offerings. Tepoztlan might be the most popular Pueblo Magico in all of Mexico with colorful houses and buildings, cobblestone streets, and a local market that tease the senses. Filled with a holistic spiritual community and breathtaking views of the mountain gives the town its name: El Tepozteco.

On our trip, we spent a half day which allowed us enough time to hike up to the ancient temple, visit the market and have a delicious lunch. Although we skipped the world famous Tepoznieves ice-cream that offers over 100 flavors to choose from, you shouldn’t. Admittedly, our mini trip gave me a great taste of the town that left me longing to return to spend a few more days in the future.

If you’re considering visiting this area, here are a few things we did while there + a few other tips on how you can enjoy the magical town of Tepoztlan.