Dubsado might be the answer to all the business management juggling you do.

First of all, Happy 3rd Birthday to Dubsado!

I seriously don't know where would I be without all the powerful tools you've brought to my business.

True story. About 10 months ago, when my business life started growing and demanding more organization and automation from me, I set out on a virtual quest for the BEST CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) that would provide me with all the tools I need to manage my client relationships, leads, proposals, contracts, payments. Pretty much everything that’s involved in a service-based business like mine. A painful couple of months followed as I tested every mainstream CRM out there. I felt helpless, and everything I tried seemed to overcomplicate my workflow rather than help it. Also, I just didn't understand the pricing! The freagging pricing! It felt like one little feature was always pushing me to a $100+ per month fee (plus payment gateway fees of course).

When I ran into Dubsado I was already jaded and had very little hope, I was almost resigned just to continue managing different aspects of my business in dozens of different places. Dubsado not only changed my mind, it gave my company a makeover while also adding value to my client relationships. Thanks to Dubsado's FREE plan I was able to test it for almost a full month before pulling the trigger and adopting it as my CRM.

In celebration of Dubsado's anniversary, I'm sharing the main features and reasons why I decided to go with Dubsado above all other CRMs I tried. Today I've been a happy Dubsado user for about 4 months and wouldn't have it any other way. I hope I can help you decide whether Dubsado is the right CRM for you.



1 - Dubsado Is a Young Company That Listens

And don't get me wrong. I thought the CRMs that have been in the market forever were going to be the winners, but I was proved wrong. You'll see, Becca, Dubsado's Co-founder, once ran a service-based business herself. Her understanding of the needs of the freelancer is fundamental to the way this platform has been built. Being young and growing fast, Dubsado is a very responsive company. Ask for a feature and don't be surprised to know it's already in the making - just this week they've surprised us with 3 new features already, and that's for a total of 6 new features since I started using them just a few months ago.

2- How About A Dashboard for Your Clients?

My deal-maker with Dubsado was the capability of having a central place for my clients to access all their information. No more digging through emails to find links, or browsing through folders to see a copy of a contract, or diving into your payment gateway to re-run an invoice. Your clients get their own personalized portal! They have their own login, they can see payment history including outstanding invoices, you can choose to manage shared tasks and Kanban flows, they can even book appointments synced to your calendar and availability. Did I mention the portals are branded with YOUR brand?

3 - Email Features You'll Love

Do you ever find yourself working around midnight time, knowing you want and need to send some e-mails but also do not want to look like a psycho in your client's inbox with e-mails coming through at 1am? Well, one of my real favorite features within Dubsado is e-mail scheduling. You can set your emails to go out 3 or 12 hours later, or at 9am the next day. Isn't that awesome? Another email perk of Dubsado, one I adore, is the capability of knowing when someone opened an email, and also the last time it was viewed. You heard that right.

4 - Quick Rad Facts About Dubsado

  • It costs an average of $35 per month.

  • The Support Team is on-point with live chat available almost 24/7 and free 20min video calls.

  • Keep your contracts ready to be signed and auto-populated with smart fields.

  • Public proposals allow you to get a contract signed, and paid, seamlessly.

  • Lead capture forms blend in with your brand embedded on your website.

  • Dubsado’s Scheduler allows your clients and leads to book appointments with you while syncing your availability from your calendar.

Need I say more?

I'll leave the rest for a longer post. But seriously, if you have a service-based business, you should at least give Dubsado one chance. Their trial is basically a free forever account for up to 3 clients, which makes it super easy to test. If you are up for it, click on this link (my affiliate link by the way) and use code "gabaccia" to get a 20% off if you upgrade to a paid plan. Also, one product that I found super helpful in guiding me to get my Dubsado account up and running is the Dubsado Set Up Plan from Productive Co. Click here to get your own step by step plan.