Our Favorite Beach Escape in Yucatan: Playa 55

Published on Stranded on Land.

Modern and global, Playa 55 Beach Escape stands out on the turquoise beach line adjacent to the Biosphere Reserve of Celestun in Yucatan, Mexico. With a real passion for authentic exploration, owners Jess and Nicholas created their dream guest house and escape at the footsteps of this rarely explored gem in the Gulf of Mexico, to share their personal discovery of the local magic with the world.  Mostly known and visited by the locals of Yucatan, Celestun is not for every traveler but rather a place for those interested in immersing the self into the realness of Mexican coastal culture which invites to keep things slow, genuine, and connected to nature.


Playa 55 has a charm that is hard to pin down into words. Every detail has been carefully and lovingly designed, curated, and finished by the dream team couple who renovated the property to give it the new life it breathes. With a conscious approach to construction and design, the renewed hotel becomes a collection of tastefully custom made and “found” details. Each decorative accent has a story, every corner a unique feel, and every space radiates the relaxation one seeks in a beach escape. Continue reading to dive deeper into each of the areas of what has become one of our favorite places to relax and let it all go.