Hey there!

I’m the Conscious Executive Officer behind my own brand Gabaccia, and one of the women behind the Travel + Outdoors platform Stranded on Land. You can read on to learn more about me, from my life story (short version) to my business approach.



After a few years of working with entrepreneurs to help them get rid of their outdated and unhelpful websites, brands, social media accounts, systems, and tools, I had the vision of creating an integrated space to further elevate the conscious businesses of today through services and educational tools (you are right in it!). Inspired by all the conscious entrepreneurs building brands that make the world a better place, I’m opening up my network of trusted professionals and my services to the world.



My business mission is to guide today’s Entrepreneurs for success through sustainable business tools, creative assets, and conscious practices for a healthy culture within and around their business. I believe the norm in business should be ethical, sustainable, honest, and offer human values more so than provoke consumption.

My life mission is to inspire people to spend time outside adventuring responsibly, and to just dance!



Because each entrepreneur, brand, and company is unique, THE 1 proven solution for everyone doesn’t exist. My approach is integrated because I take the time to get to know YOU, personally, YOUR BUSINESS, at large, and YOUR MARKET, so I can see you in perspective and craft the best solutions for you. My diverse network of professionals specializes in different tools & areas of business, so depending on your personality, your business needs, and your goals, I’ll work with you solely and directly or team up with the specialists who have the right toolkit to help YOU thrive.